Repairing Plywood

To repair a fracture and leave no unsightly patch is not a very difficult problem, when one knows how to tackle the problem. The most effective method is to cut the fractured ply away and leave a straight edged hole. Measure the hole carefully and then cut a piece of the same type of ply at least 1in. All over larger than the hole. By turning this at corner angles, it can be inserted inside the hole in the caravan. Glue each side, using waterproof glue, screw with self tapping screws, approximately 1 ½ in. apart, taking car that the screws penetrate both layers of ply, and pull the ply together.

When the glue has thoroughly dried the screws may be withdrawn and another section of ply , of the exact size of the hole, is then inserted by the exact same means. After the glue is set the screws may be taken out. Paint the repaired section with oil paint and fill any small openings with an oil base filler and, after painting, the repaired section will not be visible and will actually be stronger than previously. This method is not effective with masonite.