Painting – Renovation

To effectively paint a caravan it must, if possible, be placed undercover, except in dry weather, as the paint will not take properly if the surfaces are damp. All surfaces should be thoroughly rubbed down, which is so essential for good finishes. A suitable abrasive should be selected for rubbing down old paintwork. When this has been done a through inspection should be made of all joints, nooks and crevices through which moisture may find its way. There are several preparations on the market which are used for fillings and which are more effective than white lead, putty etc, which dries hard and may fall out. The selection of a suitable colour is most important. Dark colours should not be used as they attract the sun’s rays and tend to heat the caravan during the summer months.

Modern roofs require but little attention. Those who use white lead should finish off with a coat of varnish, as a roof with a matt surface attracts dust and dirt. Aluminium paint is a most suitable finish for the roof. To keep the exterior of the caravan clean all that is needs is that it be washed done occasionally with a sponge and plenty of water . Car polishes being intended for a cellulose finish are not suitable for paintwork.