• Ensure that the exterior ply is not allowed to stand in the sun before painting.
  • Two coasts of white lead and linseed oil should be applied by hand brushing, making sure that ample linseed oil is applied.. It is not advisable to use any driers in these two coats.
  • Next application should be two coasts of oil base primer and surfacer and the surface is then ready to “cut back”. Wet and dry sandpaper is the most satisfactory method to get a glossy, smooth surface.
  • Final coasts should be two or three of enamel, of a type recommended for external use. Dulux has proved to be highly satisfactory for the finishing coasts.
  • After 6 months exposure give the surface a through cleaning and slightly roughen the paint and apply one heavy coat of enamel. The caravan , with reasonable care, should not need a great degree of attention for at least another 18 months.
  • Should a mishap occur and the exterior of the caravan is fractured, seal it immediately. Great damage may be caused in the event of water penetrating to the interior lining.