FX Taxi

The taxi has been in my collection for around 7 years, it was purchased from Camden and the owner supplied the original “Taxi” accessories that was on the car when he purchased it about 25 years ago. He used is as a everyday car. After contemplating on what I should do with it we decided to restore it back into the taxi, so with some research it was decided to paint it in the RSL Taxi colours. We decided to add a twist and called it “Lion Taxi Service” because of the rare lion bonnet mascot that it has.

I have added accessories including the Lion bonnet mascot, side window weather shields, plastic rear view mirror shield, 1/4 window ventees and locks , headlight “eyebrows”, rear view mirror antiglare mask, dash racks, horn ring, accessory gauges and holders, and a NASCO brake booster.

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