FJ Ute

This is the car that got it all started for me. I was in the position to buy a “vintage car” but what should I buy? My memories went back to my grandfathers immaculate 1953 FX Holden in Olympic Green, which our local Holden Dealer “Dwyers” had in their show room for 20 years after it was eventually traded in. So from that we decided to buy an FX or FJ.

After a lot of looking around we found the Ute a short 10 minutes away and it was quickly snapped up. It has had a full restoration but the running gear had been changed to EH , so after some hunting I rebuilt the running gear back to the original and added some personal touches such as 1/4 window ventees, NASCO caravan extension mirrors and an original restored NASCO radio.

The ute has now been on the road since 1987 and it has travelled many thousands of miles on family holidays as far as Broken Hill to the west and Melbourne to the south. Most of the travelling has been done towing my 12 ft ply caravan “Daisy” and my Green Propert Folding Caravan.

In 1998 while travelling through Victoria I had the pleasure of meeting Tom Harley who, with his father had tested the new FX ute on their farm for GMH, and this photos can be seen below.

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