I had known of this caravan for many years and in 2009 the owner asked if I would be interested in buying the van from him, which I jumped at as the Sunliner is in exceptionally good original condition, and I knew the history of the van.

Sunliner caravans were built in Forster NSW by Mid North Coast Moulded Products, with my Sunliner being built in 1967 and is one of the last 3 Sunliners built. The three vans were stored in Sydey and shortly after the Factory closed and the van sat unused for 18 months before they were auctioned off. A gentleman from Kiama purchased 2 of the vans ( including mine ) and they were hired out a few times before they were again sold off, but this time to a prominent Wollongong businesman and car fanatic who owned the van till I purchased it from him.

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