Propert No 39

I purchased this van in 2004 from the South Coast of NSW where it had been sitting for many years. It was in fairy good condition and only needed a couple of sheets of ply needing to be replaced and a complete repaint.

It has a fairly simple setup inside with a double bed at the front, a seat on the left side that folds out to a very short single bed (you need to be short to sleep here). A folding table above and a singe sink and stove on the right.

It’s quite ingenious how this little 6 foot square box folds out to be a decent sized caravan in about 30 seconds. I must agree that the advertising in the 1950s really was correct in saying that it took minutes to set up and was a revelation in compact expansiveness.

Since purchasing this unusual little van I have become very interested in the history of the Propert Folding Caravan and have compiled a brief history and a Propert caravan register of which I have about 40 recorded so far , so if you would like to let me know your van details I will record them for future reference.

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