THE Vintage Caravan Restoration Website.

Welcome to Australia’s latest and most up to date Vintage Caravan restoration website, featuring caravans from the 1900’s up to 1980. I’m an avid collector of FX /FJ Holdens, vintage caravan’s as well as past memorabilia. I have spent many a happy hour lovingly restoring them to their former glory.

I have included photos, text and information for your interest. Like all collectors I’m interested in adding to my collection and am always looking for my next restoration project.

Overtime I hope to develop this website to be used as a reference for restoration, advice, sharing of ideas, photos and information with others who also have a passion for restoring. So to help achieve this I have added a forum that you are more than welcome to join and we look forward to your participation with help and ideas.

I’m available for further discussion or if you would like to add to the photo section email me and your feedback and input is always appreciated. Or if you find it easier I can be contacted by mail ;

Richard Potter.
P O Box 320.
Corrimal.  2518.